Make a Healthy Lifestyle Possible

Founded by Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Sarah Why, The Good Food Clinic provides nutrition and dietetics services to individuals and groups.

Special areas of interest and services include eating disorders, disordered eating, age-specific nutrition, and weight management.


The Good Food Clinic rebuilds a healthy relationship with food, educates, empowers and fosters discussion within an environment to learn, grow and reflect.

Using evidence-based practice to achieve and most importantly maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible.


The science of nutrition is complex, but eating a nutritious diet shouldn't be.

A nutritious diet should be flexible, free from rigid food rules, enjoyable and sustainable.


The Good Food Clinic runs evidenced-based, engaging workshops and events.

Value #1

Value #2

To rebuild and maintain a healthy relationship with food that focuses on variety, flexibility, and enjoyment.

To educate and empower individuals and communities to  follow a healthy lifestyle for mental and physical health.

Value #3

To foster discussion and create a safe environment to learn, grow and reflect.




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