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Fertility Nutrition

Welcome to a space where the Non-Diet approach is used to provide positive health outcomes for individuals, couples trying to conceive and children in their first years of life.


Here at The Good Food Clinic, nutrition isn’t just prescribed, it is thought out intentionally through a non-weight-centric viewing lens and applied to lives in a step-by-step approach that aims to leave you skilled with knowledge, confident and capable.


Sarah Why Dietitian
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Services include Fertility Nutrition,
Eating Disorder and Disordered Eating Nutrition and counselling,
and Infant Nutrition.

Workshops, presentations and mentoring opportunities are available.

Value #1

Value #2

To rebuild and maintain a healthy relationship with food that focuses on variety, flexibility, and enjoyment.

To educate and empower individuals and communities to  follow a healthy lifestyle for mental and physical health.

Value #3

To Foster discussion and challenge the societal norm of what 'healthy' eating is.

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