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Personalised Nutrition Plan + 2 consultations

- 7-day meal plan

- Recipes

- Grocery list

- Individualised nutrition goal setting

- Individualised nutritional needs

- 2 x Private Consultations

This nutrition plan is best suited to those who have tried meal plans before and find it difficult to follow,  maintain consistency, struggle with emotional eating, reduced motivation and need support.



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Personalised Nutrition Plan

- 7-day meal plan

- Recipes

- Grocery list

- Individualised nutrition goal setting

- Individualised nutritional needs

This nutrition plan is best suited to those who want a basic meal plan to provide structure and support to achieve an optimal diet. 

Option to add private consultation if support is needed.


Will my plan include food I enjoy?

Absolutely. Here at The Good Food Clinic we believe in good food that tastes great and most importantly, you enjoy. Your plan will take into consideration your food likes and dislikes and other individual considerations.

I have a family to cook for, I don't want to eat something different to the rest of my family

Your plan not only provides structure, meal ideas and strategies to meet your health goal but also includes education that you can adapt to any meal or snack you want to make. Family pizza night? no worries!

How is this different to other meal plans I've tried?

Have you ever had a meal plan designed specifically for you by a Dietitian with experience of what impacts your food choices, support network, nutritional health and psychological health?

This meal plan is created for individuals to get the best individual results. 

Will I be able to contact you if I have questions after receiving the plan?

If you feel you need support, it is highly recommended to select a 'Personalised nutrition plan + 2 consultations'. If you decide to choose the plan without the consultations, you will have access to the facebook community page where you can post your question. If it is an administration question please email

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