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Do I need to ditch my partner to achieve a healthy diet?

Ok calm down! I’m not asking you to choose between the love of your life or achieving better health, in fact I want you to have both! Many people have said they find it difficult to make positive changes to their diet and exercise routine partially due to their partner not being supportive.

So I’m going to share some tips to get you/or both of you started

1. Let go of the idea that you and your partner are going to be workout buddies

Great if you are but it’s not going to suit everyone. Use exercise as ‘me time’, time to get away from work, kids or annoying partners….distance makes the heart grow fonder right?

“myself and my partner barely exercise together, this is basically because I can’t keep up with him haha! Plus I’ve made peace with the fact he will never do a yoga class with me”

2. DO NOT follow a meal plan

You guys are two different human beings (as you’ve probably already worked out) and just like you might not have the same taste in music, your partner might not like the same food.

Instead make note of the meals you both like, make sure there’s plenty of fruit and veg in the house, healthy snacks and take turns making dinner (if possible). This will teach you both cooking skills and grow to appreciate the effort one another makes.

3. Don’t give up your favourite food

Instead learn how to make them healthier e.g. homemade burgers with salad, grainy bun and lean meat.  But remember, healthy choices can be made but not every choice has to be healthy, for example I’ve never tried to change the classic chocolate brownie, you’ve got to learn to enjoy food for the soul.

4. Dump the all or nothing approach

You both might want a night off from cooking so do it! Enjoy it and think of this as a LIFESTYLE, not a 6 week challenge.

Because you had pizza, which lead to ice-cream and toppings doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Enjoy it and get back on that horse…or whatever analogy I’m thinking of.

5. Keep it light, positive and encouraging

You’re both making changes to your life you have together, it’s not going to run smoothly so enjoy the process because lifestyle changes don’t have an expiry date. Leave guilt, shame, or blaming at the front door and welcome trial and error.

6. SEX

Yep I said it! What the heck has that got to do with nutrition…..ABSOLOUTLEY nothing but once you both start feeling better physically and mentally, you’re bound to start getting busy between the sheets

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