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Your Initial Consultation

The start of your care. This is where we define what help you need and what supports you currently have. 
We will explore your fertility history, physical and mental health and nutrition.



Your Review Consultation

Ongoing consultations are to provide additional education, recommendations and support as the perinatal period has different nutrition requirements.
There are regular consultations offered to meet your needs at this time.



End Goal

Postpartum doesn't stop a month after giving birth, you need ongoing care and support. The intention is to continue to provide nutrition support in the postpartum period such as navigating nutrition requirements for breastfeeding or selecting a formula, recovery and how to 'how do i find time to eat when I have a screaming baby'.
The aim is to continue to provide nutrition education and support up until your little one is 4-6 months old so you both can start introducing solids confidently.


Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Please allow 48 -24 hours' notice prior to your consultation for changes to your appointment.

We understand there are circumstances that may cause you to change your consultation at a moment's notice and are respectful of these circumstances once notified.

No show

As appointment times are allocated in advance it is important to allow adequate notice to give your appointment time to another client. 

In the circumstance of a no show to an appointment, there will be a small fee charged.

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