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Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation you will have a thorough assessment of your health goals, current health, including past health history, a conversation about your lifestyle and a discussion about your current diet.

The majority of the consultation will be focused on analysing your current diet, identifying behaviours, patterns and habits and providing suitable education. Lastly, guiding dietary changes inaccordance to your health goals.



Your Review Consultation

Ongoing support, collaboration and accountability is crucial when it comes to creating long lasting lifestyle changes. Review consultations are an opportunity to touch base, assess and reflect. Your review consultation will allow your Dietitian to tweak the diet if needed and provide additional support or education.



End Goal

You are the expert when it comes to you, your needs and lifestyle. The aim throughout your journey is to eventually gain the skills, ability and confidence to become you're own personal Dietitian, as you will have gained an understanding of your optimal nutritional needs.



Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Please allow 48 -24 hours' notice prior to your consultation for changes to your appointment.

We understand there are circumstances that may cause you to change your consultation at a moment's notice and are respectful of these circumstances once notified.

No show

As appointment times are allocated in advance it is important to allow adequate notice to give your appointment time to another client. 

In the circumstance of a no show to an appointment, there will be a small fee charged.